A dog house provides a sense of belonging for your dog.  And if you are a loving and caring dog owner, you wouldn’t think twice about building some happiness by building a dog house.

  1. We advise using wood to build a dog house. Wood tends to be cool in summer and warm in winter making it the best suited and most preferred material. Pressure treated waterproof timber is preferred, but can be toxic to your dog. Consider using it only for the roof and bottom. But before you choose your wood, make sure it is durable, rot resistant and insect resistant (cedar).
  2. Measurements: Plan your dog house keeping in mind size of your dog. Cut 2 sliding roofs, 2 side walls and two door panels (front and back). Do these only after taking proper measurements. The roof should be lightweight and at least 12 and 18 inches longer than your dog. Height should be at least 9 inches longer and front at least 3 inches. Door should be 2 inches higher and 3 inches wider than his body. The comforts of your pet should always be top priority.
  3. Now drill small holes in all sides of the base to let moisture out from the ground to evaporate and prevent wood rot.
  4. Carefully attach all of the sides with decking or wood screws. Use nails and screws to attach the sides to the floor and add some L-brackets to join all the pieces together.
  5. Now place the roof of your dog house at about a 30 degree angle to the dog house. The angle is so that water doesn’t collect on the roof. Cut out small blocks from the wood piece and place it on inside of the roof. This insures that the roof stays in place and it keeps your dog from pulling the roof off. The roof should be covered with tar paper and roofing shingles.
  6. Be sure there are no gaps in the structure and everything is set. The average dog’s mouth exerts 150 to 200 pounds of pressure per square inch. Add this to their pulling power and it is enough to easily damage the structure.
  7. Insulate with sheets of styrofoam overlaid with wooden paneling or other material.
  8. Thin carpeting can be added to the walls and also between the frame and roof to seal away draft.
  9. Install weather resistant hinges inside the back of the dog house.


Woodworking Plans