Know More About Dog Kennels

by Jeff Nenadic

   Using a dog kennel can cut down on the time your pet dog or dogs stay leashed with the knowledge that they are away from harm and safe. The best advantage is that your pet dog is free to run around and exercise with enough room to satiate its energies and look around. A dog kennel is a good investment when you want the best for your pet and keeps them away from dangers or prevent others from harm, if your dog is aggressive.

    Though nearly all dogs love to escape even if kept within a sturdy fenced area, they manage to find different ways to escape. Due to fatal accidents related to tying up dogs, such as the dogs getting entangled in the leashes and getting strangled, it is better to have a kennel. Dog kennels also help keep away your pets from harm of other dogs, poisonous substances and getting infected.

If you are getting confused with a cage, where there is restricted room for a dogs movement, kennel provides for ample space for running around, exercise and explore the surroundings.

    If you are planning to make a kennel for your pet dog, here are a few tips to keep in mind and making sure that the pet is happy and safe.

• As kennels protect your dog from extreme climates it is necessary to build a small doghouse or provide an entry for indoor, if you think your pet may be outside for more than 15 minutes.

• Make arrangements for fresh water to be available at all times.

• A small carpet, blanket or a dog bed should be installed so that the dog has a comfortable place to sit.

• As kennel floors are made of cement which trap the heat and cold, provide an extra layer such that your dogs paws are protected at all times.

    Apart from the standard everyday kennels, there are portable kennels available for those who love to take their dogs with them when they travel. Large departmental stores and good pet shops have a wide variety of such portable kennels available in standard sizes, but if you own a large dog, you can place an order for a special size custom made kennel. These portable kennels are easy to set up and dismantle and there is a provision to add sun screens to it.

    While permanent dog kennels are available in metal especially light weight aluminum with steel posts that can be set inside the ground to stability. But some owners prefer earth floors to cemented floors while some add dog runs for better exercise. These are made of durable materials so that they do not collapse easily and can withstand the rough pushing and jumping of dogs. Custom made kennels are a good option, as you get to decide which color and size you want, especially if you own the larger sized dogs. Companies that let you get custom kennels made also provide for installing them at your place.

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