How to Build a Dog House

by Kenny Leones

If you are the type of person who are procrastinating in constructing a doghouse for your beloved pet dog, then summer is an appropriate time to start your project. All pet dogs need a place that can protect them from the changing elements like heat and rain. Dog owners should not worry because constructing a shelter for their pets is very easy.


    The first thing that dog owners should do is to check their area for materials that they will need in building their pets home. Home improvement shops like Home Depot, offer step-by-step guides that you can refer to. Some shops also features on-site demonstration on how build one. You can also obtain the materials that you need in the junkyard in your area to save some money.

    The next thing that you should always know is the size of your dog. It is very surprising how a lot of people do not measure first their dog before constructing a pet house. This is very important so that your dog will be comfortable in the house that you are building. If you are constructing a dog house for a puppy, make sure that it is large enough to compensate for its growth.

    You also need to make sure that the roof of the house is not constructed in a slop position to prevent any insects like bees from nesting in it. It would be best to build a flat roof, since majority of dogs like to lie on the roof and soak up in the sun. But avoid using metal for your shelter since it soaks up heat quickly and can burn your dog who wants to sleep on the roof of the doghouse.

    You also need to insulate the house that you are building according to what type of pet dog you have. If your pet has a thick fur like a German Shepard or Siberian husky, then the house would not need too much insulation. If your pet possesses short hair like a Chihuahua, then shelter will need more insulation.

    You have to make sure that air can enter and exit the house freely and the shelter is ventilated. Utilizing breathable materials like wood will make it easier to live in. You can find scrap wood from your local lumberyard to save some money. The house should also have enough room so that your dog can freely play around.

    Your pet house should also be tough especially during bad weather. It also needs to be durable to withstand the test of time. The floor of your doghouse should also be a few inches off the ground so that rainwater will be able to pass through freely under the shelter. The floor also needs to be very strong.

    Pet owners should also make sure that the shelter is not place in the open where its temperature can be heated up easily during hot and dry months. It should be place under a shade so that your pet will always be comfortable.

    The design of your pet house should be simple and not overly grandiose. It is not important to place a lot of blankets inside the shelter or place heating inside especially during cold months. But if you decide to place additional amenities then you should make sure that it is tough enough so that it will not destroyed in case your pet chews it.

    Lastly, constructing a doghouse does not have to be complicated. Utilize a simple-to-follow guide to help you build your dream shelter. Aside from that, do not hesitate to ask for help if you know someone who is an expert in building an animal shelter.

     Constructing an abode for your beloved pet can be both cheap and exciting! Your pet dog will surely love having a cozy retreat. So stop having second thoughts, go out there and construct a shelter for your pet dog.

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