Dog Beds, Crates, and Carriers

by Tristan Andrews

  When your dog grows older, you'll still want to care for him as well as you can. At this stage of his life, an orthopedic bed may be in order. Orthopedic beds that are made with medical-grade orthopedic foam are perfect for easing pressure on your dogs joints and will shape according to the contour of your dog, each time he lays down.

     Some orthopedic dog beds have quilted covers that can be removed and washed. These covers come in different designs and the zippers are covered. You can buy an extra cover to have a spare when needed. Some dog beds with medical-grade foam come with heating ability that is low level and safe. The heat is therapeutic for dogs with muscle strains or arthritis.

    Gel beds are good dog beds that keep your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The bed has thick insulation for the winter and the gel has a cooling effect for the summer. Dog beds also come in styles like spindle beds, loungers, mats, chaise beds, crate beds, and there are iron bed frames.

    Dog crates are useful and can be a safe haven for a dog properly crate trained. A folding crate to use when traveling with your dog by air comes in handy. Some of them fold down as small as a briefcase. And have straps to carry the crate that can be used as a leash. Breeding crates and whelping crates are available. There are replacement floor pans for some crates. Dog crate pads and beds are available.

    If you like to go camping, to outdoor events or the beach, then a dog pup tent can be useful. They are made with sunscreen material, have good airflow, have screened windows, and a zipper. Soft crates made of nylon are another alternative and they are lightweight. If you are into showing your dog, this may be a good item for you. Mesh type crates that setup with two poles have good ventilation, create a den effect; some can be locked with a padlock. The soft crates and tents may not be appropriate for dogs that chew a lot or puppies.

    Dog carriers are another useful item. They are good for taking small dogs to the vet. There are different kinds of dog carriers such as leather, denim, fur, and checkered. You can get backpack dog carriers, city carriers, and travel carriers. Some carriers are airline approved. Some of the dog carriers are combination carriers that can be used as a backpack or used like rolling luggage.

    Doghouses like igloos are made that have vents for airflow and are insulated for the winter. These doghouses have conduits that move rainwater away from the door of the doghouse. These doghouses have moats that trap any liquids inside and whisk it away from the dog.

    There are such a variety of doghouses, carriers, beds, and crates on the market today; there is something out there for every dog owner and each dog.

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