Choose a Cedar Dog House For Your Beloved Pooch

by David Bernier

Your family pet deserves the very best for outdoor time. A cedar dog house will provide a comfortable and shady location for naps that your beloved pooch will thank you for. Buyers Choice USA offers cedar dog houses in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose the option that is best for your dog based on breed and personality.

Cedar Dog Houses are Functional

     Crafted of fine red cedar, the dog house you choose will become a great place for your family dog to curl up in when he needs a break. If your dog is on a run line for a large part of the afternoon, a cedar dog house will give him, or her, a dry escape from the rain, a cool and shady escape from the sun's heat, and a quiet escape from any excess noise.

     Canines love having their own little home... a place to relax and nap or enjoy a tasty bone without being disturbed. A cedar dog house will give your dog the best spot to call his own, and can be conveniently located wherever you like.

     There is no permanent foundation in a cedar dog house, so you can relocate your dog's home where he prefers to rest. Since dogs, and cats, like to rest in the shade... a cedar dog house is perfect when you do not have many trees or shady areas in your yard. Now you can give your dog a place to rest where it is most convenient, appropriate, and decorative. Yes, that's right... a cedar house is also decorative!

Cedar Dog Houses are Stylish

     Nothing is more attractive and outdoorsy than furniture and other yard items crafted of the finest rest cedar. Dog houses are no exception to this rule. At Buyers Choice USA, you can find the best cedar dog houses that will accentuate the rest of your yard furnishings.

     If your pet is especially devoted to you, it is a good idea to locate his cedar dog house near a seating area where you spend most of your outdoor time. Whether it be a hammock or a cedar Adirondack chair where you relax, the cedar dog house will not only provide a nearby resting place for your beloved pock but will also accentuate your own outdoor furniture with style.

     When you care enough to get the very best for your pet, then a cedar dog house is the best gift you can give. And you will benefit too!

Choosing a Cedar Dog House

     The first thing and most important thing you should consider when shopping for a cedar dog house is the size. The best size, of course, depends on the size of your dog. When taking measurements, you will (obviously) want to consider the age and breed of your dog. When buying a cedar dog house for a puppy, if you are not sure how big he or she will grow, then you should research the average measurements of similar dogs when they are full grown. (Mixed breeds can surprise you sometimes with their growth.)

     The size of a cedar dog house should be large enough that your dog can fit completely inside and turn around. You do not need anything bigger, because extra space in a dog house may make a dog less comfortable. It is in a dogs' nature to sleep in small, confined spaces. (Which you may already know if you have crate trained your dog.)

     At the same time, your dog will need to fit through the door of his cedar dog house, without having to squeeze through. It should be a snug fit, but ultimately it should be his space and just the right size for him.

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